Video: Why Does God Allow Suffering?

“Living Divine Mercy” is a new show on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).

Each week Fr. Chris Alar, MIC hosts the thirty-minute program. He and other members of the Congregation of Marian Fathers present teaching on the Divine Mercy message and devotion, as well as stories about Divine Mercy “miracles” in the lives of Marian Helpers.

Each episode can be viewed on EWTN on Wednesdays, or on and YouTube the day after it airs.

Today I want to share Episode 3: Why Does God Allow Suffering? which aired September 22, 2021.

In this video, the question presented in the title is explored.

Many people ask this question, but they don’t always discover the answer.

The answer is essential for each person to know, especially in the current time where suffering is intense and everywhere.

When I first learned about the value of suffering, it changed me and brought me deeper in my spiritual life.

“If the angels were capable of envy, they would envy us for two things; one is the receiving of Holy Communion, and the other is suffering.” ~ Saint Faustina

This video was a helpful reminder that provided encouragement when I greatly needed it.

I pray it helps you too.

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