Consecration to the Holy Family

Consecration to the Holy Family was mentioned in previous posts.

Now I’ll explain:

  • What it is
  • Why it’s important
  • How to do it

I hope you and your family will be encouraged to consecrate yourselves to the Holy Family after reading this post.


Consecration, in general, is an act by which a thing is separated from a common and profane to a sacred use, or by which a person or thing is dedicated to the service and worship of God by prayers, rites, and ceremonies. The custom of consecrating persons to the Divine service and things to serve in the worship of God may be traced to the remotest times (Catholic Answers).

Marian Consecration is a popular Catholic devotion.

Through this act, a person willingly gives themselves to Jesus through Mary.

The Holy Family Consecration is similar: One willingly gives themselves and their family to Jesus, Mary and Joseph to serve God through them.


The Catholic Church honors the Holy Family and holds them up as the model for all Christian families.

Jesus is the Son of God and Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

Mary is the Mother of God and Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Joseph is the Foster Father of Jesus and Spouse of the Virgin Mary.


Help for Families

The family, which is the domestic church, is under severe attack from the devil and the world.

Legislation is being passed that defies natural and moral law.

Society is rebelling against God and His commands, especially with regard to the structure of the family.

The devil knows that the destruction of the family will lead to the destruction of society.

During a homily in 1986 St. John Paul II said,

“As the family goes, so goes the nation, and so goes the whole world in which we live.”

The world appears to be collapsing before our very eyes. It’s likely one of the reasons for this is the disregard for the human family the way God intended it to be.

Every Christian family must remain firm in the Faith during these turbulent times and turn to God through prayer.

The Holy Family Consecration is a way for Christian families to unite and seek grace, virtue, guidance, and strength from the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Protection from Chastisements

In a previous post I shared an alleged message from God to Fr. Michel Rodrigue about the Holy Family.

Here it is again for those who haven’t seen it or don’t remember it.

“My son,

Listen and write. I insist that this message be communicated to everyone and everywhere you have preached in the United States and in Canada.

Remember the night when Padre Pio brought you into heaven to see the Holy Family. It was a teaching for you and for the people who have heard you. It was also a sign to recall the night when My Beloved Son, Jesus, was born in the world.

Remember how My Evangelist, Matthew, wrote, by the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit, how the star stopped over the place where My Baby Son, Jesus, lay. It was a sign for the Wise Men. Today, it is a sign for you, and for all Christians, and for all nations.

The Holy Family is a sign after which every family must model itself. I insist that every family that receives this message should have a representation of the Holy Family in their home. It can be an icon or a statue of the Holy Family or a permanent manger in a central place in the home. The representation must be blessed and consecrated by a priest.

As the star, followed by the Wise Men, stopped over the manger, the chastisement from the sky will not hit the Christian families devoted to and protected by the Holy Family. The fire from the sky is a chastisement for the horrible crime of abortion and the culture of death, the sexual perversion, and the cupidity regarding the identity of man and woman. My children seek perverted sins more than eternal life. The increase of blasphemies and persecution of My just people offends Me. The arm of My justice will come now. They do not hear My Divine Mercy. I must now let many plagues happen in order to save the most people I can from the slavery of Satan.

Send this message to everyone. I have given St. Joseph, My representative to protect the Holy Family on Earth, the authority to protect the Church, which is the Body of Christ. He will be the protector during the trials of this time. The Immaculate Heart of My daughter, Mary, and the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son, Jesus, with the chaste and pure heart of St. Joseph, will be the shield of your home, your family, and your refuge during the events to come.

My words are My blessing over all of you. Whoever acts according to My will, will be safe. The powerful love of the Holy Family will be manifested to all.

I am your Father.

These words are Mine!”

(Alleged message from God to Fr. Michel, 30 October 2018)


Preparation for the Act of Consecration:

  • Choose a date for the consecration. You can choose a Holy Day, feast or date that has meaning for your family, but I recommend choosing the soonest date possible.
  • The family is encouraged to pray together each day for at least one week leading up to the consecration.
  • The family is encouraged to intentionally fast from something before making the Act of Consecration. The fast should last at least one week. Fast from something that would normally be consumed or an activity that is regularly done. Fasting helps to discipline our minds and hearts and moves us to be more focused on God.
  • The family is encouraged to go to confession before the consecration, or promise to go as soon as possible if you can’t go before.
  • The family is encouraged to attend Mass together on the Consecration Day. The family will say the Prayer of Consecration (below) together, immediately after Mass if possible.  
  • Find an image, icon, statue, Christmas creche, or other sacred representation of the Holy Family. Free images can be downloaded here. 
  • Ask a priest to bless it, then place it in a prominent place in your home. If possible, have the priest individually touch and bless each representation of the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary, Joseph) with Holy Oil.
  • Continue praying to the Holy Family daily, honoring them and asking for their protection and guidance.

My Advice

My family was consecrated to the Holy Family on April 12th, Easter Sunday, of this year.

Here is some advice based on our experience.

  • Whether you are a father, mother, son, or daughter, tell your immediate family that you desire to do the consecration. If no one accepts your invitation, or you don’t have anyone to do it with, do the preparation and consecration yourself. God will see your efforts and bless you for them.
  • If your family doesn’t normally pray together, begin to do so for the preparation. You can pray any prayer that works for your family; it doesn’t have to be long or complicated.
  • If you face resistance or obstacles when you begin, it may be a spiritual attack. When the devil sees families trying to unite and strengthen their relationship with God and one another, he will interfere to try to prevent it. Do not give up and let yourself be discouraged or defeated. If you remain patient and practice fortitude, you will persevere.
  • Continue praying together daily, if possible, after the consecration. God will bless your family for your devotion to Him and one another.


Prayer of Consecration to the Holy Family

O Jesus, our most loving Saviour! Thou Who wast sent down from Heaven to enlighten the world by Thy teaching and example, and Who didst will to pass the greater part of Thy holy life in Nazareth, subject to Mary and Joseph, and thereby didst hallow the household which was to be the pattern for all Christian families, do Thou in Thy goodness receive our household which this day consecrates itself to Thee. Protect and guard us, strengthen us in Thy holy fear, establish in our hearts the peace and concord of Christian Charity, so that each one of us becoming like to the Divine model of Thy family, may be sharers of eternal joy.

O Mary, most loving Mother of Jesus Christ, our Mother, through thy love and mercy intercede, that Jesus receive this act of Consecration, and pour out upon us His graces and blessings.

O Joseph, most holy Guardian of Jesus and Mary, help us by thy prayers in all our necessities, both of body and soul; that together with the Blessed Virgin Mary and thyself we shall praise and thank Jesus Christ, our Divine Redeemer. Amen

(THE PURGATORIAN MANUAL, 1946 with Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur)

One thought on “Consecration to the Holy Family

  1. “Protect and guard us, strengthen us in Thy holy fear, establish in our hearts the peace and concord of Christian Charity, so that each one of us becoming like to the Divine model of Thy family, may be sharers of eternal joy.” For me this asks us to love one another, not judge and despise. When my mother died in 1969, the world looked at us as outcasts for not being a full family; we were pitied and not held up as beautiful. I would never judge the world for a family that doesn’t look like the Holy Family; I do unwittingly judge those who feel superior to those who are different or who are without. Jesus’ message is simple: Love one another, Terese. Do not lose hope in this crazy world! I am afraid your new philosophy is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ but a mix of politics and fundamentalist fear mongering. It makes me scared and I don’t think God wants me to live in fear. I definitely agree that these times have brought us all closer to our families but unfortunately, because of the hate and judgement our world has been freely throwing at each other, some cannot even own up to the absence of love and recognition of beauty in their own hearts. Love does not look like you and yours or mine and ours; it comes in all shapes and sizes. I pray you move from fear and move to hope. You are beautiful and I love you. PS- I just read a great book by Katherine Ann Porter called “Ship of Fools”. It was written a long time ago but is very relevant for today. I think you may enjoy it!


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