Two Years of One Small Rose

Dear Readers,

I created One Small Rose and published my first post on February 16, 2018.

Since the two year anniversary just passed, I’d like to share a few things.


When I first started One Small Rose, I was advised to think about the purpose of it.

When I moved my blog to WordPress from another website, I created an About page to express my intentions for it.

I’d like to share these with you since you may not have visited that page.

The purpose is to:

  • Present the true teachings of the Catholic Church in a clear way
  • Help people deepen their relationship with Our Lord and Our Lady
  • Show people how to grow in holiness in the ordinary moments of life
  • Encourage all Christians to live out their faith

The ultimate purpose of my writing is to serve Jesus through Mary and give glory to God.

As I look back on this two year journey, I believe that I’ve tried to stay true to these intentions.

I pray that One Small Rose is faithfully serving the readers and the Lord.


As I continue on this journey, I continue to learn about blogging, the Catholic Faith and myself.

There’s one lesson that I seem to be constantly reminded of:

God calls me to share the Catholic Faith through this blog, even if I don’t know His plan or what the fruit of my labor will be.

When we’re called to a particular task, we may or may not be able to see the outcome or the ultimate purpose.

This is something I’m learning to accept, with regard to my blog and life.

I plan to continue this blog for as long as God allows.

If God is truly calling me to this work there will be fruit, even if it’s not always revealed to me.


Last but not least, I want to thank:

  • Those who have read my blog from the beginning
  • Those who started reading somewhere along the way
  • Those who follow on email, WordPress and/or Facebook
  • Those who comment or express feedback
  • Those who share my posts
  • Those who encourage and support me, especially through prayer

Whether you read my blog regularly, occasionally or just once, I’m truly grateful.

May the Lord always be glorified through One Small Rose



4 thoughts on “Two Years of One Small Rose

  1. We all need to be called back to Jesus and Mary through the static and distractions of ordinary life. Your vlog has called me many times and I am grateful for you Terese! Your faith inspires me and reminds me that I am here for one purpose only: to serve God and do His will. Happy anniversary! 💕🥳🕊

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  2. Terese. You have enlightened so many people with your knowledge and wisdom. The effort you put into this blog does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I pray Jesus and Mary continue to inspire you to write and share your beautiful words. Xoxo aunt Kathy

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