Patron Saints of One Small Rose

I want to tell you about the patron saints of my blog!

Before I schedule each post, I pray and ask for the intercession of the saints below.

After each name, I list the reason why they are one of the patrons.

If you click the name, it will bring you to a webpage that explains more about them.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God

  • Because I have a devotion to her, under many titles, and love her as my Spiritual Mother
  • Because the original motto of my blog was Ad Jesum per Mariam which means “To Jesus through Mary” and is the essence of Marian Consecration

St. Joseph, Her Spouse

  • Because I have a devotion to him and love him as my Spiritual Father
  • Because the new motto of my blog is Ad Jesum per Mariam et Joseph which means “To Jesus through Mary and Joseph”

St. Gabriel, The Archangel

  • Because he serves as a messenger for God and is the patron of messengers
  • Because I hope to be a messenger for the Lord and His Church

St. Padre Pio

  • Because he was a champion of spiritual warfare
  • Because I hope to give people spiritual tools to fight against temptation, sin and the devil

St. Francis de Sales

  • Because I started my blog after praying a novena to him
  • Because he’s the patron of Catholic writers and adult education
  • Because I hope to teach people about the Catholic Faith

St. Thérèse, The Little Flower

  • Because she’s my namesake
  • Because One Small Rose is a take on The Little Flower
  • Because I hope to become a saint through the Little Way

St. Faustina

  • Because she’s the Apostle of Mercy and patron of mercy
  • Because I have a devotion to The Divine Mercy message
  • Because I hope to make God’s mercy known by all

St. André Bessette

  • Because he was physically ill but it didn’t stop him from serving God
  • Because I hope to save many souls through my suffering

My Guardian Angel

  • Because each person has been given their own Guardian Angel who is always with them to help them during their life

+ Amen +


Today, April 28th is the feast of St. Louis de Montfort and St. Gianna. Happy feast!

4 thoughts on “Patron Saints of One Small Rose

  1. As always Terese your writings are inspirational……..may God continue to Bless you so that you may continue to convey your devotion to and love for our Lord.

    Liked by 1 person

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