Quotes from Saint André Bessette

My previous Saint Spotlight was dedicated to St. André Bessette.

I feel connected to him and I’m inspired by his life, especially his perseverance.

To honor St. André of Montreal, I want to share 7 of his quotes.

“People who suffer have something to offer to God. When they succeed in enduring their suffering, that is a daily miracle.”

“Indeed I am [in great pain], but I thank God for giving me the grace to suffer; I need it so much!”

“Those who are cured quickly often are people who have no faith or little faith. On the other hand, those who have solid faith are not cured so quickly, for the good God prefers to allow them to suffer that they will be sanctified even more.”

St. Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal, Montreal, Canada. Photo from a friend

“When you invoke Saint Joseph, you don’t have to speak much. You know your Father in heaven knows what you need; well, so does His friend Saint Joseph.”

“I am nothing…only a tool in the hands of Providence, a lowly instrument at the service of Saint Joseph.”

“If you consider all the saints, you will see that all of them had a devotion to the Blessed Virgin; Her intercession is most powerful, she is the Mother of God and the Mother of men.”

“My only ambition is to serve God in the most obscure tasks.”

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