Three Years of One Small Rose

Dear Readers,

February 16th was the three year anniversary of One Small Rose!

I can’t believe it’s been three years since my first post.

So much has happened these last few years, and I’ve learned many things.

First, I’ll share one lesson.

Then, I’ll share my plan for Lent.


And I am sure that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ (Philippians 1:6).

I’ve come to understand that conversion is a lifelong process.

When I reflect on the past, I can see how I’ve changed and grown deeper in my spiritual life.

I didn’t always practice my religion as I should have or care to be a faithful Catholic, especially in college.

I didn’t realize it, but I was searching for God — mostly searching in the wrong places, but searching nonetheless.

And even though I wasn’t aware of it, He was seeking me too. He was always at work, calling me to Himself.

I’m sure each of us can think of at least one thing we wish we could change from our past.

We must remember that no matter what happened in our past, God was there working in us and the experiences can aid in our conversion. All we need to do is ask for His mercy and let Him transform us.

The Lord is patient with His children and never gives up on us. We must be patient with ourselves, and with others, and remember that “life is a marathon, not a sprint”.

Virtual Pilgrimage

Pilgrimages evoke our earthly journey toward heaven and are traditionally very special occasions for renewal in prayer. For pilgrims seeking living water, shrines are special places for living the forms of Christian prayer “in Church” (CCC 2691).

Lent began Wednesday, February 17th.

I’ve planned a special series for my Facebook page this season.

In college, I was blessed to travel to many places. However, at the time, I wasn’t aware that this was a gift or that these were holy places.

I often feel that I “missed out” on the graces available in those experiences because I approached the journey as a tourist, rather than a pilgrim.

Since God isn’t bound by space or time, I want to revisit this part of my past and allow Him to work in and through it — freely and fully.

Each week I’ll post about places I traveled to in Europe.

I’m creating this Virtual Pilgrimage for three reasons:

  • To bring us to beautiful, holy places since travel is limited now
  • To discover the spiritual significance I didn’t know when I traveled to these places
  • To be open to God’s grace and conversion this Lent

If you don’t already follow my Facebook page, please do so!

You can still view the posts even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

+ Click here for the page +

Thank You

As always, I want to thank each and every person who follows my blog. I’m grateful for your continued prayers and support.

The number of followers keeps increasing, which is exciting and humbling!

I pray that all who read my blog will experience conversion and grow closer to Our Lord and Our Lady.

And I hope God will allow us to continue to walk together in this way.

May the Lord always be glorified through One Small Rose

4 thoughts on “Three Years of One Small Rose

  1. Happy Anniversary. Terese you have touched and taught so many that follow you, myself included. If you did not go through what you did in your past you wouldnt be the most amazing and giving person you are today. I am proud to call you My niece and Godchild. I love you like my own and treasure all your special gifts. Xoxo Aunt Kathy

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