Video: The Warning

In previous posts I linked to a new website called Countdown to the Kingdom.

The site contains public and private revelation to help prepare us.

It presents a timeline of events which begins with the Time of Mercy and ends with the Second Coming of Christ.

The Timeline is based on the Early Church Fathers’ interpretation of the Book of Revelation and complimented by the magisterial teachings of popes, the approved apparitions of Fátima and credible private revelation.

Mark Mallet and Daniel O’Connor, two of the four contributors, created videos explaining the first seven events on the timeline — referred to as the Seven Seals.

I want to share these videos because they explain the events we see unfolding in the world.

Each week I’ll provide links to one or two of the videos, beginning with the First Seal and ending with the Seventh Seal.

This week I’ll share the Sixth Seal.

I encourage you to watch/listen to these videos at your own pace, if you haven’t done so already.

The Warning – The Sixth Seal

“My Deliverer” by Jeanette Sthamann

2 thoughts on “Video: The Warning

  1. Terese Rose, I really like some of your other posts they are very good. Just a question have you read others on this topic (I have not looked into the subject in great depth) I beleive that the timeline shown on website does not follow Catholic teaching which says that Christ will not return unti the very end of time. There can be no era of peace where Christ returns and then leaves again to come back at the end. Time of peace happens before antichrist comes and before Christ comes for the second coming and defeats him. I have deep respect for other posts that is why i say this and also because I think Holy Spirit says too. As you have said what we need is prayer sacraments and to be spiritually ready but I think this timeline can be left alone.

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    • Thanks for following and commenting! You bring up an important question. To explain, I’ll ask you to read the tabs on the Timeline for the “Reign of the Antichrist” and “Era of Peace”. (Please pay attention to the section in the “Era” tab that explains that the Era is not the physical, visible reign of Jesus on earth. He will come in grace to reign Sacramentally in His Church during this Era)

      The chronology they present follows the Magisterium. I’m not sure if you’ve watched the other videos about the Timeline, but the contributors explain how it’s meant to be viewed. Ultimately, as you said and as the contributors say countless times in the videos, spiritual preparation MUST be the focus. It’s not necessary to know the details of these events, but knowing about them may help others prepare spiritually and bring them closer to Christ now.

      God Bless +


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