Saved by a Hail Mary and the Family Dog

I’d like to share a short story that my dad sent me.

It shows the importance of a simple prayer and God’s creatures.

When Mary Sent Old Pup to the Rescue

by The Christophers

The grass was wet between 15-year-old Cathy Hadacek’s bare toes as she sleepily walked to the milking barn to do her 6:30 a.m. farm chores. It was 1979. Her dad had left for work, her mom was in the kitchen, and Cathy’s siblings were still asleep. Knowing that one of the valves on the milking machine was plugged, Cathy went first to the shed where the compressor was kept, hoping to turn it on and clear the valve with a jet of air.

A minute later, Cathy’s mom heard what she thought was the squeal of a piglet. It was, instead, Cathy’s brief choked-off scream. The compressor had a short in it, and when Cathy flipped the switch she was electrocuted, thrown to the ground as the current raced through her body to her wet feet. In horrible pain and fearing she was dying, Cathy prayed a Hail Mary. Just then the family dog, an Australian shepherd named Old Pup, rushed into the shed. He jumped on the electrical cord and pulled it from the outlet, breaking the current and saving Cathy’s life.

In Catholic Digest, Cathy’s sister wrote about that day as a sign of how God uses all His creatures to bring about good – as Mary sent Old Pup to the rescue.

The earth is full of Your creatures. (Psalm 104:24)

Thank You, Lord, for Your loving care in all Your works!

Sheeba, a Great Pyrenees who works on a farm in Ontario, Canada. Photo from a friend  

The Christophers

Convinced of the profound ability of each person to shape the future, Father James Keller, M.M., founded The Christophers in 1945. The Maryknoll priest believed that God has given each individual a special task in life which belongs to no one else.

The mission of The Christophers is to encourage people of all ages, and from all walks of life, to use their God-given talents to make a positive difference in the world.

We believe that each person has a God-given mission to fulfill, a particular job to do that has been given to no one else. Love and truth come to us through God, but these gifts are not ours to keep. By sharing them with others each of us becomes a Christ-bearer, a “Christopher” in the most fundamental sense of that word.

Excerpts from The Christophers website

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