One Year of One Small Rose

Dear Readers,

I started One Small Rose on February 16, 2018.

Since the one year anniversary just passed, I decided to reflect on the journey.

I learned a lot over the past twelve months. (One thing I learned is there’s so much to learn!)

Here are two lessons.

These lessons are not only relevant for me and blogging. They are relevant for each of us in all aspects of our lives.

Lesson One: God is in Charge

When I write, I ask the Holy Spirit and Archangel Gabriel to guide me. Even though I pray during the process, I sometimes find myself trying to control the words or force the direction of the post.

When I do one or both of those things, it doesn’t turn out well. Either the quality of my writing is terrible or I experience a block and can’t write at all.

I must constantly remind myself this blog belongs to God, not me. I do the physical work — typing, formatting, editing, editing, and more editing — but He’s the Boss.

He gives me the topic to write. He guides my words to explain the message. He shows me how to organize and format the post. He’s responsible for whatever happens after I hit the publish button.

This reality is the same for each of us because our lives are ultimately in His hands.

We’re here to do God’s work, the specific work He has planned for each of us. If we try to accomplish our own will, rather than His, we fail to live the way we’re called to as Christians.

When we attempt to control our lives, we end up feeling frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed, and/or anxious. When we let go and allow God to be the Boss, we experience true joy and peace.

When we follow His lead, greater things are accomplished through us than we could have ever planned or done on our own.

Lesson Two: We’re Here to Please God

When I view other blogs, I find myself looking at how they’re written, how many followers they have and how many likes and comments they receive.

If the numbers are higher than mine, I begin to wonder: “Should I be doing something differently? Am I doing enough? Is there something I’m missing?”

Then, the Lord quickly reminds me that I’m not blogging to become popular or to please people. I’m blogging to serve Him and present the truth.

Sometimes we think we need to please people or measure up to them. Sometimes we think we need to act, speak or look a certain way to be accepted, appreciated or loved.

Those are false ideas. We can’t please everyone; and even if we do please some, it’s never enough to make us feel completely fulfilled.

When we live to please others, we end up feeling insecure, inadequate, exhausted, and/or fearful. When we live to please God, we experience true freedom and confidence.

Each of us is a beautiful, precious, irreplaceable child of God. Each of us is loved with His pure, perfect, unconditional love.

Once we discover the truth of who we are, we realize He’s all that we need.

Thank You

I pray every day for those who read my blog. Whether you read it regularly, occasionally or just once, know you’re prayed for.

I want to thank:

  • Those who have followed my blog from the very beginning
  • Those who joined somewhere along the way
  • Those who leave comments or provide reactions
  • Those who share my blog with others
  • Those who inspire me and encourage me to keep writing

I’m grateful for each and every one of you!

Final Words

If my writing touches you in some way, it’s God speaking to you. He comes to us in many ways, and I pray He comes to you through my blog.

I don’t know exactly what God has planned for this. I don’t know if it will remain as it is now or become something more…

I do know He’s calling me to continue on this journey; and I’ll keep writing for as long as He allows.

May the Lord always be glorified through One Small Rose

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6 thoughts on “One Year of One Small Rose

  1. Congratulations on your year anniversary. You are touching so many people and for myself you give me things to ponder on. I find your blog informational and reflective. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Terese. I enjoy reading your blogs. But most importantly, I reflect on the messages you share with us. Your blog helps me with my spiritual journey. I also pray for you.

    Liked by 1 person

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