One of my favorite things to do is go to the church during the week. I find that it’s the only place where there is absolute silence (as long as nothing else is going on there at the time). Silence is something that I often long for; I need it!

Without experiencing moments of silence each day, I can’t find peace (and even finding peace on those days can still be a challenge). In our culture, silence is practically nonexistent. It’s almost seen as something undesirable—or even worse, not necessary or good. (I don’t think I have to go into much depth here. I’m sure you have an idea of what I’m talking about.)

Last Sunday, I arrived at the church about forty minutes before Mass was to begin in hopes of spending some much needed quiet time with Jesus. My attempt was in vain because the choir was practicing. Then as people began arriving, the noise in the church increased. One might assume that the church would be a place for silence, but I’ve found this to be true only during the week, not on Sunday.

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